Our whole lives aren’t about Dolce Darlin’ cupcakes – although it seems like it sometimes! I pride myself on letting y’all in on the whole package: the family, the dog, the friendships, the food, etc.! So, I thought it might be fun for y’all to see a little adventure we’re going on from the comfort of our own home!

We are spending NO MONEY in March. Does that seem crazy? It does to me! We already are NOT big spenders. However, we enjoy eating out on occasion, going to a movie at the $3 theatre – pretty often, and our big ones….home improvement projects (lumber and paint mostly) AND BOOKS. Oh the books! We could spend all our dollars on books! I read them all! I hold them in my hands. I smell them. I love them each in their very own way. I don’t have a problem. Really, I don’t. Well, if I do, there are worse problems to have.

For us, November through February are busy months. They absorb a lot of our time and our money. Little d has a birthday in December, Mr. D. in January, and Mrs. D. in February. Adding Thanksgiving and Christmas to that timeline means that around this time of year, it’s always a good idea to reset, take a breath, and tighten the purse strings a little. We don’t have debt but we certainly aren’t following our budget the way we should during all of this. So, this month, we’re FREEZING THE FUNDS! It’s also a good time to remember to *repair not replace* if possible. Further, this will be a time for every person in my house to be mindful of what is a WANT and what is a NEED. We don’t generally have a problem with this, but it’s an important lesson to be reminded of…for everyone!

I thought it might be fun to include y’all in this little experiment in case you wanted to freeze with us! Who doesn’t want to save a smidge, right!?  

The Rules (these are ours but if you join us they may be an inspiration for yours):

·      Mortgage, gas for the vehicles, insurance, and other regularly occurring bills are exempt.

·      Continue meal planning (you can see our blog about that HERE) as usual EXCEPT one night per week must focus on cleaning out pantry/freezer items that have been overlooked.

·      No eating out whatsoever. We’re not Starbucks folks, but if we were, that would be a no-go for this challenge!

·      No new want items, including books, movies, toys, clothes, shoes, etc.


If it isn’t a bill, don’t buy. If it is a want, it can wait.

That’s really it!

We’re really excited to start this. I’m sure it will be more challenging as we begin but we’re up for it! I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments and let me know if y’all want to do it with us! I’ll try to blog a quick blurb daily so y’all can see how we’re doing!

March 1st begins NO MONEY MARCH. Let’s freeze these funds!