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Dolly's Grand Opening


Almost 2 1/2 years after Dolce Darlin' became an idea in our heads, we are making our dreams come true! We'd love it so much if y'all would get together with us and welcome Dolly, the Dolce Darlin' Cupcake Cart, to our family!!!

2nd & Charles has been such a treat to allow us to hang out in their parking lot! There will be plenty of space for y'all to park and hang out for a minute! 

All cupcakes will be $1 - that's half price, y'all!!! 

We'll open up at 1800 (6PM) - and close down at 2100 (9PM). The ribbon cutting will be at 1815 so be there for that!!!!

We'll be bringing four flavors along but we're not going to announce all that just yet. If you have a suggestion or favorite, please comment with it. 

Please share this event and let's make it a party!

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Welcome Dolly!