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Baking Camp Session 1 (of 2)

Hey everyone! Welcome to our first BAKING CAMP! 
Here are ALL the details you will need to decide if your kiddo should come to camp! 

In the following description you will find cost, age requirements, schedule overview, times, and more. Read the entire description. 

Who: Maximum of 9 children with a passion for baking and desire to become more educated about the culinary arts. Kids between the ages of 10 and 18 are welcome. (If you have a very mature almost 10-year-old who would be heartbroken if left out, message me.) 

What: Five days of three-hour instruction blocks filled with culinary education and undoubtedly some laughs. (See below for schedule overview.) Kids will recieve an apron, a bandana, a beginner baking kit, a 3-to-1 student/teacher ratio, treats to take home 4 out of the 5 days, freedom to be creative, and - if we're being honest - probably some flour in their hair. 

When: July 10th - July 14th from 0900-1200

Where: Our normal cupcake hang out (check the about us section for the address and map if you've never been here). 

Why: Why have a camp? Well, because we LOVE to bake. We know there are so many kids out there that would love to have an opportunity to see what all this baking business is about OR really spread their wings and fine tune their craft. 

Schedule Overview (Subject to change):
Monday: Macarons - macarons from start to finish! Different flavors, different designs, and different techniques. *Macs go home with students.
Tuesday: Cupcakes - three flavors, three frostings! *Students take home a half dozen box with three flavors. 
Wednesday: Cake Pops - two variations (maybe more if we get creative!) *Pops go home with students
Thursday: Decorations Galore (buttercream, glaze, royal icing, fondant, etc) 
Friday: Cake Expo - Students will bake, design, and complete a two-layer, 5-inch cake in their own style! We'll set the cakes out to display at pick up!

Cost: $200 per student (see the *what* section above for all that is included). A deposit of $50 is due by July 5th. Once a deposit is made, your spot is LOCKED IN! Deposits can be made online via invoice through our secured payment program or in person.

Disclaimer: Kids MAY learn organization and time management skills. They may also make new friends. In addition to that, they will be able to ask questions about running a bakery/food truck business!