Homemade Italian Ragu, from me to you!

Y’all, look here…I am not only a baker! I’m actually a pretty good cook! Of course, my standards were raised pretty high after living in Italy. I mean, their food is incredible! It’s so fresh and they make a point to use what is in season. 

Yesterday, on our FB page, I posted a picture of a giant pot of homemade Italian ragu! Here in America, ragu is something you’d see on a jar label, but in Italy it’s a homemade meaty pasta sauce! I have not purchased a jar or can of pasta sauce in FOUR years! There have been a BUNCH of requests for the recipe so here you go! You’ll love this super simple recipe!

In my photos, you’ll see my recipe has been sextupled so keep that in mind if you only make one batch. You're not gonna have the giant pot I do! Ha! Here’s the thing though…you should at least double it. Then you can put some in a Ziploc bag, stick it in the freezer, and be 10 minutes from supper one night! Or you could do what I do and gift a bag to a friend that may be sick, recently had a baby, or just needs some lovin’. Bonus, there’s no dish for them to worry about returning.  I personally make six batches at one time so I can have a ton in reserve!

So, here goes! 

In a deep skillet, do a good swirl of olive oil and turn it on low. 

After chopping the celery, carrot, and onion (if you’re using it), toss it in a food processor and push the button! *If you don’t have a food processor, you can either chop it finely or you can grate them! :D 

We aren't onion people, so we left it out! Before the button...

We aren't onion people, so we left it out!
Before the button...

After the button! 

After the button! 

Toss the veggies into the pan with the oil and cook them on low for about five minutes. 

Meanwhile, put all the meat in a skillet and cook throughout. 

Once the meat is done, put the meat and veggies into one pot. Then add the water and tomato sauce right in there! Stir well! 

The veggies and meat all mixed up! 

The veggies and meat all mixed up! 

Water and tomato sauce go right in there with it all! 

Water and tomato sauce go right in there with it all! 

Then, there are two ways to do this! Get that pot up to a boil and stir often for about 10 minutes... OR you can do it the Italian way and put the pot on low and cook for about an hour and a half, stirring occasionally. 


If that ain't pretty I don't know what is! 

If that ain't pretty I don't know what is! 

When you’re finishing method is done, whether it be 10 minutes or the hour and a half, turn off the stovetop and lay a sprig or two of rosemary right on top of the ragu (I forgot to include a picture of that. Oops). Put a lid or towel over it for a few minutes while you grab out bowls and forks. That’ll give it an incredible boost of flavor from the aroma! Also, if you’re eating it now, this is a great time to put your pasta noodles on. 

Serve or bag it up!

(If you’re making one batch – you can pour all the ingredients into the deep skillet instead of transfering to another pot)

R&R’s Ragu
Serves 4-6

1 pound of beef (I use lean, you use whatever you like!)

1 pound of Italian sausage

1 carrot

½ white onion (we aren’t onion fans, so you’ll see I left it out)

1 17-oz can of tomato sauce

swirl of GOOD olive oil

1 cup of water

1 spring of rosemary

salt and pepper

That’s it, y’all. It’s awesome. You’ll love it. Enjoy and buon appetito! 
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